MP: Y-2 Dual Mount

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Set it up! Morimoto's new ModPods are an awesome way to add custom auxiliary lighting to your car, truck, or motorcycle... but to do it just right, you'll probably need some of the optional mounting, combination, and output accessories; all found here! Amber / Red Output Lens: From the factory, The ModPods come standard with a clear lens that produces white light. Optional Red/Amber lens allow you to make a dual-intensity amber or red pod! Combo Clips: These are useful when combining multiple pods together. Wherever the sides touch, you'll want a combo clip to ensure everything is secured together. Each pod comes with one of these standard, but depending on your desired setup - you may need a few more. T-1 Single Mount: The T-1 mount is a "T" shaped pedestal that's used to mount the pods to a flat surface. Up to three side-by-side pods can be used with this mount, but only when combined to the mounted pod itself. (You still can use more than 3 pods, but buy an extra mount) Y-2 Dual Mount: The Y-2 mount is a "Y" shaped pedestal that's used to mount two pods together, and then to a flat surface. Up to four side-by-side pods can be used with this mount, but only when combined to the mounted pods in the middle. (You still can use more than 4 pods, but buy an extra mount) Shaft Mount: The threaded shaft replaces the rear cap of the ModPod or ModPod Mini (size-based), and can allow for the pod(s) to be mounted through a surface, then clamping on to that surface.

Whats Included:

  • Mount: 1x ModPod Y-2 Dual Mount
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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